How we're living during these times...

covid staff update

These past several months are trying for us all.  I wanted to share updates about how all of us involved in making Rustic Loom products are fairing during this time.  

In Mumbai, India my colleague Rupali who heads up a womens empowerment organization who sew many of our products is on lockdown on and off (but mostly on!).  Rupali and I have raising young energetic boys in common as we are both tired mamas!  Rupali is spending lots of family time with her son, and helping getting money to her workers during this difficult time.  We have started production of sewing masks and other items while on lockdown.  Below, is Rupali's son learning ceramics with his artist mom!

at home during covid with Rustic Loom

Next in Bagru, India Vijendra has been printing with his group of printers, and has been able to work on some of our designs.  The printers have been working from home and as of mid June no one in the town has been infected.  Here is Vijendra and his family 

at home in Bagru during covid with Rustic Loom

In Hyderabad, India work has been permitted in agriculture and for weavers.  Here is one weaver tyeing an warp to be woven into an ikat design. ikat weavers Hyderabadduring covid Rustic Loom

In Winneba, Ghana Mr Edmunson, our batik printer is home and healthy, working on new batiks from home.  Here is Mr Edmunson: 

Ghana batik artisan during Covid Rustic Loom

Lastly, here are my two tireless boys working on artwork with me in Brooklyn, NY as I attempt this thing we call home school.

At home during covid in Brooklyn Rustic Loom

Hoping that you and your families are safe and OK.

-Rebecca, designer and owner of Rustic Loom

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