Maize Gold Linen Batik Kitchen Towel
Rustic Loom

Maize Gold Linen Batik Kitchen Towel

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Maize Gold Linen Batik Kitchen Towel

A stylish and sturdy heavyweight linen tea towel, that gets softer and softer with every wash!

Measures 20" x 28" square (approx)
Color: Maize Yellow Gold, Natural White
Machine wash cold. Tumble or line dry.
One tea towel

Batik Tea Towel

This tea towel is made in Ghana of heavy weight linen with a slub detail in weave. Each towel is hand batik painted with wax, and then hand dyed Mr. Edmunson, a local craftsman in Winneba, and then sewn in Brooklyn. Every piece comes with a beautiful hang tag, with a description of Rustic Loom's process.

I designed this pattern in my Brooklyn studio and worked with the batik artisan via skype/ phone to produce the fabric. The pattern is inspired by geometry in nature, and made of layers of batik wax printing and dyeing.

Batik is a laborious process which entails several steps of block printing with wax and dyeing to get layered colors and shades. At the end of this process the wax is removed by boiling the fabric to reveal the beautiful pattern.