Maize Gold Yellow Sea Swirls Cotton Tea Towel
Rustic Loom

Maize Gold Sea Swirls Cotton Tea Towel

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Maize Gold Sea Swirls Cotton Tea Towel

Decorate your kitchen this textured Sea Swirls cotton tea towel. This pattern was inspired by swirling shapes in a coral reef. The maize gold color makes a perfect accent to a warm tones.

100% Cotton batik block print, hand printed in Ghana
Size: 20 x 20" (approx)
Color: Maize gold, light yellow
Machine wash cold. Tumble or line dry.

Every Rustic Loom design starts with a painted sketch in our Brooklyn studio. This batik fabric is hand painted with wax, and then hand dyed in Elmina, Ghana. The design process is completed by a family owner workshop in Brooklyn who sew the fabrics into product.